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Stuart Staples parle de la reformation des Tindersticks

Tiré du forum officiel, qui n'est pas acessible aux non-inscrits. Je copie-colle donc pour information :

Hello everyone, thought I'd venture in here and say a few words.

At first, I hated this board, found it very intrusive. Gradually I have come to understand that this little dysfunctional community has come together to not just gossip, but to make friends, exchange ideas and express opinions - they are all valid, even if the view from the outside seems very strange at times to me.

So here's a small view from the interior.
During the making and touring of 'Waiting for the moon', somehow we lost something - a desire between us to move forward. We were in a dead space.
'So complicated with 6 people to know what's going on when you are in the middle of it, and for the first time I didn't want to try and sort things out.
I retreated into my studio. It became clear that I had 2 definite things I needed to do: one was to finish of the collection of fragments and moments I had been escaping to for a while and the other was to make a 'singer/songwriter' album about a very specific time and place I was in - something I would never tie the band down with. They became 'Lucky Dog Recordings' and 'Leaving Songs'.
I never invisaged playing these songs live, but went with the enthusiasm of the people who helped me make them. It was tentative at first, but gradually grew into something strong and by the time we reached the final concerts in Istanbul and Prague in January 07, they were very special and alive. Then it was over and done for me.

In my mind, I always knew there was going to be a next tindersticks album, though I didn?t know how or when. In September 06 the band played a wonderful concert at the Barbican, London - songs we made together from a time when the creativity between us was effortless. It gave us chance to be together for a while, get a feeling of where we were all at and, as it turns out, a place to move on from.

The Hungry Saw
This album is about now. About the music being alive. All decisions were made to this effect. It was made quickly with a great feeling in the room. Everyone pushed
at these songs. The 'others' involved we don?t see as 'guests', they are musicians we have come to trust, respect and be inspired by. We feel as though we have broadened, opened our doors, and I hope this feeling continues to grow, and for us to keep changing in the future. Fresh air.

For myself, working in the band environment again is like coming home. We have made a big airy studio to work in, full of possibilities - maybe the strange, confused times are over and we can just get on...

If there comes a time when it is right for us to make great music again with Al, Dickon or Mark, I am sure we would be delighted, and maybe, we will always secretly look forward (and back) to.

But for now we wish them luck and myself, David and Neil (and Lucy, Calina, Sarah, Andy, Terry, Dan, Thomas, Suzanne.....) are looking forward to everyone hearing what we have made.

Hope you get to enjoy it.


L'album commence à pointer le bout de son nez sur les sites qui vont bien. Je vous en dirai donc plus bientôt, histoire de voir si Stuart y retrouve toute son inspiration ou si, comme Paula Frazer, il nous refait un nouvel album solo sous un nom plus vendeur. Si je lis bien, la moitié seulement des membres du groupe serait de l'aventure. Je suppose que ça me fait en gros une chance sur deux de retrouver les Tindersticks que j'avais tant aimés il y a dix ans.

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saab a dit…

en surfant j'ai trouvé un lien pour leur nouvel album :
la présentation :
et le lien pour télécharger :

C'est un site sérieux, j'espère que cela t'interessera et que tu te le procurera dès sa sorite officielle!!! A +

Greg a dit…

Salut :)
Après une rapide (vu l'heure...) lecture de ta première page, j'ai déjà découvert un groupe bien sympathique (Lupen Crook).

Je continuerai à suivre ton blog, j'espère que ça ne s'arrêtera pas là. ;)