lundi, octobre 11

Trop beau pour être vrai.

C'eût été une formidable manière de brouiller les frontières entre bon et mauvais goût, rock et pop, pitoyable et sublime mais ce n'est sans doute qu'une parodie intelligente et bien faite. Ce n'est déjà pas si mal.

Breakstuff hears the new Trail of Dead album... going to be called Worlds Apart. It's a concept album plotting the career highs and lows of the terrible 90s boy band which Trail of Dead feel closely mirrors their own career. As everyone knows, Worlds Apart were put together by a management company through auditions of crazy looking boys bent on destruction. They then got a stylist in to help the boys with their image of dyed black hair, eyeliner and nice jumpers and put them into intensive classes on media relations and dance routines. After a couple of records on cool indie labels to gain some dedicated obsessive fans, the boy band were then picked up by a major and spent the next few years travelling the world, being chased by screaming girls and not really selling that many records. All excellent inspiration for an album, I'm sure you'll agree. We also have an exclusive picture of the cover art which has been handpainted by Conrad and will feature liner notes by Nathan Moore, ex-member of the excellent Brother Beyond as well as Worlds Apart, who also contributes additional backing vocals to a number of tracks. The album has been delayed until the end of January so that the band can be given a strict talking to by Interscope heavies and convinced to think of a better idea. Can't wait.

Pauvre Trail of Dead. Portés aux nues à leurs débuts comme les fers de lance d'un renouveau du rock'n'roll tant vanté à l'époque, ils sont arrivés juste un peu trop tôt et laissèrent leur place sous les projecteurs à une armada de Vines, Strokes, Datsuns et White Stripes, pas franchement plus doués. 'Madonna', leur deuxième album, fut à l'époque une excellente surprise, tout comme leur EP sorti en 2003 (The secret of Elena's tomb). Ceci dit, "Worlds Apart" est vraiment un très mauvais titre (et ils jouent beaucoup trop fort en concert, ai-je entendu dire, ce qui est extrêmement vilain).

Merci à Arnaud.

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