jeudi, février 3

Smoosh parle

Tiré du weblog d'Everett True

Conversation with the 10-year-old and 12-year-old sister duo that make up Smoosh, in a coffee shop just round the corner from the Showbox, 1st Ave, Seattle:

ET: "I was speaking to Jason Finn (drummer, Presidents Of The United States Of America) during your set just now, and he said that next year you're going to be bigger than Led Zeppelin."
Chloe: "Is that big?"

Asya: "Our dad was telling us you introduced Kurt to Courtney. is that true?"
[Interviewer looks embarassed and mumbles something that could be a 'yes'.]
Asya: "Do you reget it?...Our dad also told us that you were the first person to write about grunge. Is that true?"
[Interviewer looks even more embarassed.]
Asya: "Do you think Courtney killed Kurt? That would be neat if it's true, because it would mean you started it and you finished it."
[Interviewer crawls up into a corner and wishes city would swallow him alive.]

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