mercredi, juin 16

Tu es ce que tu manges.

Il y a toujours eu un lien organique entre le milieu gothique-électro et la pop synthétique, pour des raisons mi-étranges, mi-évidentes. C'est sans doute ce qui explique que les Pet Shop Boys aient été contactés pour remixer le nouveau single de Rammstein. Grâce au forum officiel des PSB, on en sait à présent un peu plus sur l'origine de ce remix.

He [le chanteur de Rammstein] said that they contacted PSB because they are huge fans of the band – after all they have covered Depeche Mode and Kraftwerk before and are still huge fans of synthpop in general, because it reminds them of their teen years in East Germany. They didn't think N & C would agree to do it, and when they said yes, they were a bit worried that they would just make an easy buck with really lazy mixes. Instead of that PSB sent them SEVEN different mixes to choose from – Till has heard them described them as "gorgeous". He said that they feel really honoured about PSB's input and that Rammstein fans will really be surprised.
The track is indeed about the famous news story about the German cannibal who advertised for willing victims in the internet and the homosexual man who agreed to be eaten. N & C asked for the lyrics to be translated for them, but to Rammstein's huge surprise didn't object to them at all. Hence the mix name "You Are What You Eat Mix".
I also asked why they wanted PSB to remix Mein Teil, which is the heaviest and least melodic track on their album instead of some of the more obvious tracks. Till answered, that they didn't think that they would say yes in the first place, so they didn't think what track to send to them, But when PSB became interested and Mein Teil is the first single, they sent that.

Ce n'est pas la première fois que les PSB font des remixes inattendus. Depuis quelques années, ils ont notamment effectué des remixes pour The bloodhound gang, Yoko Ono, David Bowie, Atomizer ou Blur.

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